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Mis-Fuel Protect

It can be worryingly easy to Misfuel. An unleaded petrol pump nozzle is smaller than a Diesel nozzle and so fits into the fuel tank without resistance. And with an increasing number of households owning multiple cars which use different fuel types, accidents are becoming more commonplace. With a few things on your mind, or being in the usual routine of using petrol, a moment's inattention can lead to a costly mistake..

  • Mis-Fuel Protect provides peace of mind for motorists.
  • The policy covers cars, vans and motorcycles with assistance available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Roadside assistance companies charge £200+ (Excluding replacement fuel).
  • 150,000 motorists misfuel every year.
  • The cost to drain petrol, repair parts and replace diesel fuel can come to anything up to £3,000
  • The repairs needed after fuel is drained may not be covered by Insurance, Warranties or Breakdown cover

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